Hay Madrigals was founded in February 2019 by its Musical Director Lucy Green, with help and encouragement from everyone involved. Based in Hay-on-Wye, the madrigals are a group of talented and experienced singers who love making music together. Some events include the whole group, while others draw upon a smaller number of singers, one-to-a-part.

People often ask what a ‘madrigal’ is: mainly, it's a type of song written in England and Italy during the 16th century, with several different voices all singing their own tune independently of each other, but in such a way that the whole thing blends. Instruments can also play some or all of the vocal lines, or put in chords, on their own or along with the singers. Very beautiful music!

However, a madrigal can be just a song for one singer, and they don’t only come from the 16th century either, but have been composed ever since, including today. So basically, a madrigal can be lots of different kinds of song.

We specialise in madrigals from the 16th century, but we also enjoy performing mediaeval music and other repertoire from the 17th and 18th centuries. Our concerts include a mix of ensemble, duet and solo songs, often with a spinet accompaniment, or in the mediaeval music, a hurdy-gurdy, and sometimes recorder and percussion.

If you would like to discuss putting on a fund-raising concert in your church, village hall, or elsewhere; or if you would like us to provide music in your historic building - anything from a full concert to just some historically-appropriate background music, in costume if you like - please get in touch.


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Philippa Alexander, Hilary Bright, Gay Funnell, Catherine Hughes, Christina Watson, David Bartlett, Steve Jones, Richard Martin, Michael Molecey, Terry Watson.